A Bit About Me


Professionally, I have delivered lumber, baked pizzas, and demolished garages. Nowadays, these are strictly hobbies. Right now, I'm into experiments where I try to figure out how the political mind works. (Short answer: it does, except when it doesn't.)

I am married to my wonderful wife, Krysten. She is wonderful for many reasons, but one of them is that she tolerates my excessive commitment to charcoal barbecuing. I have two children and a dog. My dog is named after a story about the apocolypse. My children appear unrelated to any apocolypses, but I suppose time will tell.

More info?

Guest Blog Posts:

  • London School of Economics and Political Science - Daily Blog of American Politics and Policy. "How Obama’s economic stewardship could help Democrats for generations to come." [link][pdf]
  • Guest post at The Cultural Cognition Project at Yale Law School. "MAPKIA! episode 73 sequel: Scholars who genuinely know something explain disgust's contribution to vaccine & GM food risk perceptions." [link][pdf]

Other Sightings:

  • Rhodes Mock Trial Teams Secure Historic Five Bids to Opening Round Championship Series [link]
  • Court Was In Session This Summer for Rhodes’ First Mock Trial Academy [link]
  • The Cultural Cognition Project at Yale Law School. "MAPKIA #73 part IV: Revenge of the disgust skeptics! Does disgust really play any role in vaccine & GM-food risk perceptions?" [link]
  • The Cultural Cognition Project at Yale Law School. "MAPKIA! Episode #73 Results: Stunning lack of any meaningful relationship Vetween vaccine- and GM- food-risk perceptions earns record-Breaking 5th straight MAPKIA! title!" [link]
  • The Cultural Cognition Project at Yale Law School. "WSMD? JA! How confident should we be that what one "believes" about global warming, on 1 hand, and political outlooks, on other, measure the same one thing?" [link]
  • Flyer for research talk at Rhodes College, April 2015: [pdf]