I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Illinois College, in Jacksonville, Illinois. Before my current appointment, I had been a Visiting Assistant Professor at Rhodes College. In December 2016, I completed my dissertation and received my doctorate with distinction from Loyola University Chicago.

I study political behavior with experiments, focusing on political cognition, neuropolitics, and the emotion of disgust. My dissertation pushes at the edge of cognitive neuroscience and political psychology using survey data, behavioral experiments, and electroencephalography (reading electrical signals from the scalp).

In the classroom, I have been a highly rated instructor for courses such as introduction to American politics, political behavior, public opinion, survey methodology, and political psychology. My pride and joy is my interdisciplinary course on Biology and Politics, where political science and biology majors meet together to explore the evolutionary roots of our politics.

Recent & Cool:

  • Our paper "Expanding the Scope and Content of Morality Policy Research: Lessons from Moral Foundations Theory" accepted for publication at Policy Sciences. More information available here.
  • "Voting Turnout and Referendum Outcomes on Same-Sex Marriage, 1998-2015" Early View now available at Social Science Quarterly. More information available here.
  • Dataset for "Voting Turnout and Referendum Outcomes on Same-Sex Marriage, 1998-2015" now available here.
  • "Public Opinion and Democratic Party Ownership of Prosperity The Political Legacy of the Great Depression, 1955-2013" available in print at American Politics Research. More information available here.
  • "How Disgust Influences Health Purity Attitudes" published at Political Behavior. More information available here.
  • Work on disgust and politics (with Scott Clifford) profiled here, at the Cultural Cognition Project at Yale Law School. [link][pdf]
  • Work with my excellent team is profiled here: London School of Economics Daily Blog on American Politics and Policy. "How Obama‚Äôs economic stewardship could help Democrats for generations to come." [link][pdf]
  • More sightings available on the about page.