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Dane Wendell is a Ph.D. in Political Science studying political behavior, political psychology, and biology of politics.

There isn't much to learn from the faked Science study

From Chris Blattman, who poses this question: what should social science learn from the faked Science study on gay marriage?

Not much.

A great read. I see this as an outlier, and we'd be foolish to jump into disruptive changes based on outliers (even a really big one). I want to see a lot more evidence of systemic failure before throwing in the towel on the current structure of the research enterprise.

I also like this bit:

Some other rules of thumb I use: Real data never look perfect. Large results are usually wrong. And scholars who have big splashy result after splashy result have a huge file drawer full of papers with null results. Discount their work.

It's the last thing social scientists want to admit, but we're the ones who chose to study human beings instead of rocks.