Dane Wendell

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Illinois College

Dane Wendell is a Ph.D. in Political Science studying political behavior, political psychology, and biology of politics.

Thinking out loud on the Psychology of Writing

Caught this interesting piece on Brain Pickings. Was struck by this quote from Ronald T. Kellog in his book The Psychology of Writing:

[There is] evidence that environments, schedules, and rituals restructure the writing process and amplify performance… The principles of memory retrieval suggest that certain practices should amplify performance. These practices encourage a state of flow rather than one of anxiety or boredom. Like strategies, these other aspects of a writer’s method may alleviate the difficulty of attentional overload. The room, time of day, or ritual selected for working may enable or even induce intense concentration or a favorable motivational or emotional state.

The room, the time of day, the ritual. It sounds so mystical, unscientific. Key appears to be that forcing a routine gets your mind out of your way.

source: The Psychology of Writing and the Cognitive Science of the Perfect Daily Routine | Brain Pickings http://www.brainpickings.org/2014/08/25/the-psychology-of-writing-daily-routine/