Data Portfolio

This page highlights my experience working with data. During my studies, it became useful to learn R Statistics in order to complete my dissertation research. I caught the bug immediately, and coding continues to be my favorite part of my research projects.

  • More than five years experience working with R Statistics, including deep experience with the Tidyverse package set for analysis and visualization. The Tidyverse includes packages like ggplot2, dplyr, readr, and many more.
  • Four years experience working with Qualtrics Survey software and Amazon Mechanical Turk. Have also worked with Opinio, Google Forms, Survey Monkey, and a few other survey questionnaire packages.
  • Some experience using Git, Github, and LaTeX. Always looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge in those domains.

Research Datasets

Same-sex marriage referenda (1998-2015) dataset for "Voting Turnout and Referendum Outcomes on Same-Sex Marriage, 1998-2015" published in Social Science Quarterly. (Full article replication materials available from Prof. Christopher Simon.) [dataset] [codebook].

Some Work Samples

1. Discussing Politics with Your Parent (Student Project)

This is a poster presentation developed with my student, Sarahanne, from Rhodes College. We look at survey data about how comfortable children are with discussing politics, and there are some interesting findings!

The Politics of Families Talking Politics

[Full PDF of poster available here.]

2. Student-centered Data Analysis with Amazon Mechanical Turk

This is a quick slideshow presentation that describes a four-part research project conducted with students at Rhodes College in the fall of 2015. Many examples of data visualization.

3. Data Visualizations from Disgust & Politics

These are two scatterplots of data from my disgust work. It includes the applicable R code, and it also features the (extremely) popular R package ggplot2. This work eventually found its way to Prof. Kahan's (Yale) blog.

study3w2 pathogen disgust and FoodG.png

4. Public Opinion Trendline Visualizations

Two variations of visualizations created for my paper on the public opinion of economic prosperity. We decided to use the trendline plot for our blog post about the paper.